Suyao Tian

My name is Suyao Tian I believe good design has the power to make the world a better place.

My focus is determining the most powerful commercial application of design and exploring the relationship in greater detail. Through my work and research, I strive to show the emotional, visual, and interactive effects of a product’s design on its audience. I want to not only have a greater understanding of how design and branding come into existence, but also the process by which a design can gain global prominence, weaving into the very fabric of society.

I’m interested in experimenting and exploring the total creative branding process from the idea, to the artwork, to the business and product application, to the final product and the cyclical return of the effects of the process upon the original idea itself. This cyclical process of branding and design isn’t simply a linear process, but a self-perpetuating one that begins with human desire and can recreate itself over time. The brand becomes like a living organism, evolving and expanding over time, while constantly adding to its historical and societal reach.

As founder and CEO, Modern Coverâ„¢ is my application of graphic design principles to real-world situations. Through my brand, I pursue functional and applied design that thrives organically and improves the lives of countless children. The goal of my work is to remain human-centered, not only in the good things it can do but also in the dynamic growth of the total branding package. My work seeks to create strong and impactful interaction and be updated in return.

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